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We’re always coming up with ideas for inventive content and services. As a new Texas technology startup, Mecha Gorilla is looking to promote the growth of the tech sector in San Antonio and the rest of Texas abroad.

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We work well with everyone. If you want to collaborate, feel free to email or message us, it’s all about growth through collaboration.

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Our founding principles are innovation through collaboration, transparency, and having a great time. See what we can do for you!

We also host our own content. Check out the variety of podcast and blog offerings we’ve created. We also work closely with our affiliate network partners. Our tokusatsu podcast, Justice in the Capital, is available here on the site as well as iTunes.

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Invocation: Girls and Women Deserve Alternatives

All rise as we all take a moment to greet one another on the greatest day of the week: Saturday. Not the day we all yabba-dabba get gone fro…
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The Texas Toku Taisen

So in our ramblings over at the Justice in the Capital podcast, we’ve been talking about a film festival. We’ve been talking, bu…
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Gaim Semi-Seasonal Gala!

Download file | Duration: 1:23:12 | Size: 152.34MWell everyone, we’ve arri…


The Return of Godzilla! Behold the Texas Toku Taisen!

Download file | Duration: 1:08:00 | Size: 124.52MWell if you didn’t know i…


Jerks and Jabs

Download file | Duration: 1:32:27 | Size: 169.56MThe worst, and I mean the worst…


Check Your Caliber!

Download file | Duration: 42:40 | Size: 78.13MOkay, so we’re just winding…


The Mecha Sentai Gorillger Variety Hour

Download file | Duration: 1:02:24 | Size: 114.26MOkay so we made this idea right…


Favorite Moments in Tokusatsu History!

Download file | Duration: 1:26:10 | Size: 157.78MWith 60 years, multiple product…


Extra! Extra! Heroes, Villains, and Extras in Between!

Download file | Duration: 1:36:03 | Size: 175.89MThis week we tackled all of the…


Rider Death Battle: Volume 1

Download fileSalutations friends, fans, and henshin heroes alike! This episode w…


Heisei, No Way Toei

Download file | Duration: 1:14:49 | Size: 136.99MWell to round off our month of…


No Toei, Just Showa

Download file | Duration: 1:31:06 | Size: 166.86MThis week we’re talking S…


Heisei and Toei: A Modern Perspective

Download file | Size: 160.21MThe Heisei Era is the current emperor’s era o…


Showa: The Golden Era of Toei?

Download file | Duration: 1:08:18 | Size: 125.05MThe Showa Era is not only a par…


Space Sheriff Gavan Bonus Episode

Download file | Duration: 1:18:26 | Size: 143.63MWell we don’t want to be…


Henshin Capable Community

Download file | Duration: 40:60 | Size: 75.06MWhat a weekend! We’ve been e…


To Tokusatsu Unknown

Download file | Duration: 1:23:28 | Size: 114.63MThis episode tackles tokusatsu…


Teach Me How To Toku! Ushicon 2014!

Download file | Duration: 57:50 | Size: 105.96M Congratulations to Mike, the man…


How Many Years After?

Download file | Duration: 1:36:05 | Size: 176.02MWell in our usual fashion, we s…


Those Vile Venomous Villains

Download file | Duration: 1:52:08 | Size: 205.32MIn all stories, there needs to…


Tokusatsu Team Ups!

Download file | Duration: 1:20:20 | Size: 147.09MThis episode is dedicated to cr…

Black Friday

The Black Friday Toy Bazaar

Download file | Duration: 57:39 | Size: 65.98MSo instead of risking our lives in…


Kamen Rider Gaim: Let’s Get Hype!

The end of Kamen Rider Wizard is upon us to make way for the new, true and fruit…


Super Hero Taisen

Well this was Justice in the Capital's actual maiden voyage. This is our review…


Maiden Voyage

Join Austin's tokusatsu podcast group Justice in the Capital on their first live…


The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Download fileWe take a moment to list a few of our favorite toku films and franc…

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